Museum Watching

The other day I accidentally came across Elliot Erwitts Museum Watching – at a sale in a museum shop. The book contains photos from a number of coutries and from half a century. I might be a museum fetchist by profession. But I find Erwitts book extremely charming. His pictures of museum guest that are spectating, speculating … Read more

Photoshop flop

Photoshop is very strong tool. And as it is the case with any strong tool, you can wreck a lot of havoc if you don’t use it right. We are probably a great number of amateur-Photoshoppers who has learned that the hard way… It’s some relief to se, that even professionals can screw things up … Read more

New camera

Since the introduction of K20D, the new Pentax top-of-the line model, the price of the 1½ year old K10D has plummeted. At the time of writing, it is available for less than 5.000 DKr. (approx. 665 €) with the kit lens. That is so cheap, that it would be almost irresponsible not to by one. … Read more

Contemporary Cuban photography

A photographic note to the previous post: on the norwegian site there is an interesting report on contemporary Cuban photography. Even if you don’t understand norwegian, you may still enjoy the photos 😉

A rose is a rose….

Everybody knows that flower-pictures are a thing for old ladies with nothing serious to do. No real photographer would dream of lowering himself to take that kind of pictures. Neither will I. Well, maybe once…sometimes…occasionally. But please: don’t tell anybody! PS: I have some pictures of my cat, too!


Originally, cross-processing was a technique where a certain type of film was processed in a way suitable for another type of film – eg. a colour slide film was processed like it was a colour negative film. The typical result would be pictures with excessive contrast, burned out highlights and a characteristic shift of hues, … Read more

News from Pentax

Pentax has announced two new camera bodies: K20D is an update of the “enthusiast-model” K10D, where the most notable new feature is a newly developed 14.6 MP sensor from Samsung. K200D is an update of the “entry-level-model” K100D. However, features-wise this new camera is very close to the present “enthusiast-model” K10D. More information can be found here, … Read more