I was born i 1962 in Skive, Jutland. Now I live in Søborg, a suburban area north of Copenhagen. Meanwhile, I have lived in Århus and in Nørrebro in central Copenhagen.

By education I am an historian and I work as a museum curator. Some of my postings on this blog is about history or museums.

Another interest of mine is photography – both as a medium as well as the work of individual photographers. I’m also an amateur photographer, and some of my least inferior results can be seen in the album.

For a great part of my life I have been politically active in different ways – always somewhere to the left. Sometimes I write a bit about politics on the blog. I have written a number of articles and comments in other media through the years. You will find some of them in publications archive. However, most of them are in Danish…

Feel free to poke around, read and see – and of course to comment. I hope it will make you feel just a bit wiser, a bit entertained or maybe even provoked to form a second opinion  🙂