Android 4 on Galaxy tab 8.9

I have a Samsung galaxy 8.9 tablet. I’m generally pleased with. The size is fine, the hardware is fine – and so is Android, more or less……

There are some areas of the Android 3.2 that comes with the tablet, which could have been more refined. But what is worse: it is not completely stable. And as I’ve had more and more apps installed – and uninstalled – it’s been so unstable, that it freezes at least once a day.

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Workplace in your pocket

Some time ago I wrote about how to get the most out of an Android phone as a productivity tool. Since then I’ve had some more experience, so here is version 2 of the same story. The scenario remains the same: The Android phone must integrate with a Windows 7 environment on my PC, and e-mail via both Exchange and IMAP. The goal is to get as much as possible of the PC workplace compressed and twisted into that small rocket in my pocket.

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Your life on Android

OK, so you’ve bought yourself an Android phone. Smart move. Your new high-tech marvel will not just keep track of your Facebook friends, show videos from YouTube and track your running on Endomondo – it can actually be used for phone-calls too.

But the argument you used to justify the purchase for yourself, was the fact that such a smartphone would be a great help in your daily work, giving you direct access to your e-mail, calendar, etc.

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