Krass Clement at Nivaagaard

This is a rare occasion: an exhibition of Krass Clement. It is Nivaagaard art museum in North Zealand which shows a retrospective with pictures from the last 22 years. I can only think off one criticism: the exhibition should have been larger. Fortunately for those of you who live far from Nivå, there is a very … Read more

November journey

If you go to Jutland, to the place where I was born, and continue approximately 150 km. north, you will arrive at Rubjerg.  Krass Clement did that. And he did it in November. A tough experience for anyone… At first sight “Novemberrejse” (“November journey”) is right at the spot. Windy streets. A bus to nowhere. … Read more

Danish photography in english – part 4

Part 4: Structures and shadows

It’s arguable, that Photographs – a retrospective (Fotografisk center, 1999) by Marianne Engberg doesn’t belong on this list, since the photographer has lived and worked in New York since 1968. But after all she is Danish by birth and her book is Danish by origin.

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