Occasional Museum Picture #2

Gazing through a replica of one of Tycho Brahes instruments on the island of Ven. The Tycho Brahe museum is not necessarily exceptional, but it’s nice and easy going – like the rest of this small island, which is sort of a condensed version of any tourist’s dream of the Swedish countryside. Take the ferry … Read more

Photographic value – a comment

Mike Johnston at The Online Photographer (TOP) has written a thoughtful post on the subject: what makes photographs valuable for the future. As usual, the post has caused a lot of comments. The following is my own contribution, as posted on TOP. Please go here to read Mike’s original post and all the other comments.

What this interesting post and the comments illustrate nicely, is that “value” is not something absolute or intrinsic to an object, but something that is attributed to the object in a certain context. And as the context change, the value may change likewise.

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