The hug

Martin Storz is a German photographer and the editor of The Public Eye Blog. Martin often makes some thought provoking observations, and it’s certainly worth paying his blog a regular visit.

A couple of weeks ago Martin Stortz wrote a post about time and photography – or rather about the necessity for the photographer to let himself be permeated by that poetic moment, so as to take his photo in just the right point of time. The starting point was a quotation by the French photographer Robert Doisneau and the post was illustrated with the famous picture by Doisneau of the couple kissing in front of the Paris town hall.

In a comment to Martin I wrote, that this might not be the best illustration of precisely this point, since it was in fact staged, and the persons are models. Regardless of which, I still share Martins fascination of Doisneau as a flaneur and a photographer.

I take this as an opportunity to show this photo of two persons not kissing, but hugging each other – not in Paris, but in the streets of Copenhagen. Not that I mean to imply, that my own photo is any way near the quality of Doisneau. It’s even slightly out of focus. But at least I can brag about one thing: it’s completely unstaged – taken in just that poetic moment 🙂

The Hug - Copenhagen 2005
The Hug – Copenhagen 2005


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