Teenager bøvl

This little fellow was in trouble the other day. He’s born and raised in a nesting box in our garden. In fact the one that is hanging in the same apple tree, which supports my hammock.

Last Monday he seems to have reach teenage-hood (Notice the typical teenage expression on his face). Consequently he decided to take his first steps – or flaps – out in to the greater world.

He wasn’t too successful. In fact I had to rescue him a couple of times – like when he got his foot caught up between two pieces of glass in our greenhouse.

And this is how he rewarded me: by occupying my hammock! How typically teenage-like…

Luckily, after flapping around for some time he became tired and settled down in a sage bush. There he was chirping loudly until his mother (or was it his father?) came by with the evening dinner. Finally, peace was restored in the garden. Phew……

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