Lightroom Beta 3

The Adobe Lightroom Beta 3 has been released for download. I’ve been playing around with it for an hour or so, and my first impression is: no revolutionary changes, by a lot of minor improvements. Just to mention a few:

  • More intuitive import function
  • Publishing directly to Flickr – not with all the features of Jeffrey Friedl’s Export to Flickr plugin, but very well integrated into Lightroom itself
  • Improved noise reduction
  • New film-grain effect
  • More flexible layout of prints
  • Better performance in some areas, especially the adjustment brush
Lightroom 3
No revolutionary changes on the surface of Lightroom 3. But lots of small improvements.

For a very enthusiastic video-presentation of every new feature, take a look at But be prepared, that these guys seems to think that every little improvement is the greatest news since Niépce….

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