Photoshop flop

Photoshop is very strong tool. And as it is the case with any strong tool, you can wreck a lot of havoc if you don’t use it right. We are probably a great number of amateur-Photoshoppers who has learned that the hard way…

It’s some relief to se, that even professionals can screw things up when they don’t have the time, skills or good taste to do a good job. PhotoShopped is a blog, dedicated to showing some of the more bizarre examples from magazines, movie posters, etc. Quite funny!

However, there is a sinister side to it, too. Most of this comes from the attempts to make mostly female models look younger, thinner and more smooth-skinned than they really are. This is standard business procedure. And for every manipulation that goes wrong and make us laugh, there are probably a 1000 that we don’t notice as such – but never the less is influencing our ideas about female beauty.

This little film illustrates how.

2 thoughts on “Photoshop flop”

  1. ja, kanon film, og oven i købet snigende behagelig at se på. Men mon ikke de der Dove-kvinder vi ser på billboards’ene, og som skal være så naturlige, også har fået en overhaling med sminken og photoshoppen?


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