Space reserved for being serious is hard to come by in a modern society,
whose chief model of a public space is the mega-store
(which may also be an airport or museum)

Susan Sontag

Ford T's waiting for shipment to customers, Copenhagen ca. 1925. National museum, unknown photographer.
Ford T’s waiting for shipment to customers, Copenhagen ca. 1925. National museum, unknown photographer.

I hold an MA in history and philosophy and a PhD in history from University of Copenhagen. My PhD was about industrial work and modernity in the Danish textile industry 1895-1940. It can be downloaded from publications.

My place of work is Museums of Elsinore, where I am especially responsible for working with the Shipyardmuseum. My complete CV can be found here.


In 2015 I’m primarily spending time on a personal research project, with the working title “Between Denmark and Detroit”. My aim is to write the history of Ford Motors Company’s car-plant in Copenhagen 1919-1966, with a special emphasis on industrial relations and the meeting between Fordism and the Danish labour market.

I have published an article on these issues in Labor History.


Arbejdernes historie i Danmark, 1800-2000-
Arbejdernes historie i Danmark, 1800-2000-

My main research has been in labour history and the history of industrial work life. I have also written a bit about museology, especially in relation to these issues.

One of my publications are Arbejdernes historie i Danmark 1800-2000 (A history of labour in Denmark 1800-2000), which I have co-written with Søren Kolstrup and Anette E. Hansen. I have also written two contributions to the international anthology: The Ashgate Companion to the History of Textile Workers, 1650-2000. The rest of my publications figure in my list of publications.

For several years, I had the pleasure of being chairman of the Danish Society for Research in the History of the Labour Movement.

Later, I was president of the national Year of Industrial Culture 2007, a nationwide initiative in which a large number of museums, institutions and associations combined to tell the cultural history of industrial society.

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