Thoughts about Utøya

Following the terrible shootings at Utøya and the bomb in Oslo, our thoughts must be with the friends and relatives of the dead and wounded and with the survivors, who presumably will forever be marked by what happened. However, also the Norwegian society will be marked by this tragedy for a long time to come, as will Denmark and other open societies.

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State terrorism

While we in Europe have celebrated a peaceful New Year, war has been going on in Gaza. Israel has been bombing, as a response to the attacks on Israel carried out by Hamas. That Israel reacts to these attacks are understandable. But as usual, the response is totally out of proportions. While the homemade rockets … Read more

Odd photographers be aware….

Are you a photographer? Are you a bit odd? If so, you might consider staying away from London, UK, for the time being. As seen on the poster, local authorities have launched a campaign to make citizens report any “odd photographers”. Such persons might be terrorists on a surveillance mission… tells the story (in … Read more

Straffet uden dom

Tre mænd i Århus har – måske – planlagt at myrde en bladtegner. Heldigvis blev mordet – måske – forhindret af politiets indgriben. Når der står måske i de to foregående sætninger, så er det fordi vi indtil videre kun har Politiets Efterretningstjenestes ord for, at det forholder sig sådan. Normalt ville folk, der er … Read more