Lightroom CC – close but no cloud

This is probably not an unusual scenario for many users of Adobe Lightroom: when travelling away from home you bring a laptop together with you camera. This allows you not only to back up photos from your memory cards, but also to import them into Lightroom for sorting and maybe some initial processing, or even … Read more

Android 4 on Galaxy tab 8.9

I have a Samsung galaxy 8.9 tablet. I’m generally pleased with. The size is fine, the hardware is fine – and so is Android, more or less……

There are some areas of the Android 3.2 that comes with the tablet, which could have been more refined. But what is worse: it is not completely stable. And as I’ve had more and more apps installed – and uninstalled – it’s been so unstable, that it freezes at least once a day.

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My new travel kit

Some times a DSLR plus extras is simply to heavy to carry along. Consequently, I’ve been on the lookout for a camera to take along, when portabily is of primary concern. Finally I decided on the Fujifilm X10. Is has good image quality for a compact camera, a viewfinder, good controls – including an ingenious manual zoom ring. And I like the retro-design 😉

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Workplace in your pocket

Some time ago I wrote about how to get the most out of an Android phone as a productivity tool. Since then I’ve had some more experience, so here is version 2 of the same story. The scenario remains the same: The Android phone must integrate with a Windows 7 environment on my PC, and e-mail via both Exchange and IMAP. The goal is to get as much as possible of the PC workplace compressed and twisted into that small rocket in my pocket.

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Cool scanning

Speakers Corner, London, 1978

One day at work, I stumbled upon an older Nikon film scanner, that someone had given up getting to run under Windows 7. It was a Cool Scan IV ED, for which Nikon have not made drivers since 32-bit Vista. That was of course a challenge I could not ignore. A little googling revealed a few ninja tricks, and soon the scanner was running fine on a 64 bits Win7 system.

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Your life on Android

OK, so you’ve bought yourself an Android phone. Smart move. Your new high-tech marvel will not just keep track of your Facebook friends, show videos from YouTube and track your running on Endomondo – it can actually be used for phone-calls too.

But the argument you used to justify the purchase for yourself, was the fact that such a smartphone would be a great help in your daily work, giving you direct access to your e-mail, calendar, etc.

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Lightroom Beta 3

The Adobe Lightroom Beta 3 has been released for download. I’ve been playing around with it for an hour or so, and my first impression is: no revolutionary changes, by a lot of minor improvements. Just to mention a few: More intuitive import function Publishing directly to Flickr – not with all the features of … Read more

In a broader perspective…

I have a bad habbit: learning about the present state of affairs around the world tends to make me grumpy. Friends sometimes tell me, that I have to look at things in a broader perspective.

Well, I might improve in the future. At least my new computer monitor is wide screen…

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