Teenager bøvl

This little fellow was in trouble the other day. He’s born and raised in a nesting box in our garden. In fact the one that is hanging in the same apple tree, which supports my hammock.

Last Monday he seems to have reach teenage-hood (Notice the typical teenage expression on his face). Consequently he decided to take his first steps – or flaps – out in to the greater world.

He wasn’t too successful.

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Last Tuesday we returned from Egypt, after one week of cruise on the Nile between Luxor and Aswan and another week at the Red Sea – with a day trip to Cairo. It was fantastic. There was, of course, a lot to marvel – from ancient times as well as the present. The people were very … Read more


The other day one of the boys was watching TV in the other room, and suddenly a very special voice caught my attention. The voice belongs to a lady called Duffy and the song is called “Mercy“. I’ve never heard about Duffy before, but found out there are some videos with her on YouTube. Apparently … Read more


The virtual Christianehøj has had a repaint and some new wallpaper. The former design was chosen to provide the best possible background for the photos in my album. For that reason, a neutral gray was selected as background colour – and used throughout the site for consistency. But to be honest, it looked quite boring. … Read more

To verdener

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