State terrorism

Samera Baalusha mourns over the dead body of her four year old daughter
29 December: Samera Baalusha mourns over the dead body of her four year old daughter, while carrying her surviving son. Photo: Abid Katib/Getty Images. Guardian.

While we in Europe have celebrated a peaceful New Year, war has been going on in Gaza. Israel has been bombing, as a response to the attacks on Israel carried out by Hamas.

That Israel reacts to these attacks are understandable. But as usual, the response is totally out of proportions. While the homemade rockets launched by Hamas have killed 4 Israelis so far, Israel’s high-tech war-machine has claimed the lives of almost 400 Palestinians, many of them civilians and many children.

Palestinian family flees from Israeli bombing
28. December: Palestinian family flees from Israeli bombing. Photo: Hatem Omar/AP. Guardian.

Terrorism is the act of spreading death and fear among innocent civilians to promote some self-proclaimed higher goal. By this definition, what Israel is doing right now in Gaza is state terrorism.

Most Danish media have reported about the conflict, but not much have been shown of the victims in Gaza. On the web-site of the British newspaper the Guardian, it is however possible to see pictures from the conflict and of the victims, Palestinians as well as Israelians.

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