In April I made a short trip to Turkey, as I was invited to speak at the European Museum Academy’s presentation of the Micheletti-award in Bursa. A few travel photos are now on Flickr.

Detroit – still alive

Community gathering

Now the sweet bells of mercy
Drift through the evening trees
Young men on the corner
Like scattered leaves
The boarded up windows
The empty streets
While my brother’s down on his knees
My city of ruins
My city of ruins
Come on rise up! Come on rise up!

Bruce Springsteen

With publications such as “Ruins of Detroit” og “Detroit Disassembled”, the Motor City has become quite en vogue lately photographically. Admittedly, the ruins from the city’s grand industrial past are spectacular.  Especially when you, as the authors of the above mentioned books, have had – or simply taken – the opportunity to climb in behind the plywood barriers and barbed wire, to take a look inside.

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Virtual spring

I’m seriously tired of winter, cold weather and darkness. As a small reminder of what spring actually looks like, I found an old photo from the garden, and chose it as my PCwallpaper. It helped raising my spirit a bit. If you would like a daily greeting from better days to come, feel free to download the image in 1920×1200 pixels here.

Cool scanning

Speakers Corner, London, 1978

One day at work, I stumbled upon an older Nikon film scanner, that someone had given up getting to run under Windows 7. It was a Cool Scan IV ED, for which Nikon have not made drivers since 32-bit Vista. That was of course a challenge I could not ignore. A little googling revealed a few ninja tricks, and soon the scanner was running fine on a 64 bits Win7 system.

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Getting older means getting a past. And more and more of it. Children, you once knew, are now adults. Adults, you once knew, are now dead. Countries, you have stayed in, does not exist anymore. Movements, you took part in, has been dissolved long ago. Did we change the world just a little bit? Did the … Read more