Sigma 28mm F1.8 Asph. II

I have been looking for at fast “normal” prime for some time. A Pentax 31/1.8 Limited would be nice – but the price is high. Instead, I’ve bought a used Sigma 28/1.8 Aspherical II. This optic – which is not manufactured anymore – has received very favourable reviews. In fact, according to the German Fotomagazin … Read more

The hug

Martin Storz is a German photographer and the editor of The Public Eye Blog. Martin often makes some thought provoking observations, and it’s certainly worth paying his blog a regular visit.

A couple of weeks ago Martin Stortz wrote a post about time and photography – or rather about the necessity for the photographer to let himself be permeated by that poetic moment, so as to take his photo in just the right point of time.

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Adobe Lightroom – not quite there yet, sadly

Lightroom is Adobes newest photo-handling software. It is based on at least two very good ideas: firstly, its meant to be a complete, integrated package for a digital workflow. It’s packing a RAW-converter, a picture-database, basic editing and several other functions into one program, with a very nice and functional user interface.

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