Getting older means getting a past. And more and more of it. Children, you once knew, are now adults. Adults, you once knew, are now dead. Countries, you have stayed in, does not exist anymore. Movements, you took part in, has been dissolved long ago. Did we change the world just a little bit? Did the … Read more

A world history of textile work

People have spun yarn and woven fabrics through thousands of years. It was a production which was predominantly carried out as homework or crafts. During the 1700s, though, a revolutionary process was started in England: work became concentrated in large units, equipped with machines powered at first by water wheels and later by steam engines. The industrial form of production spread from England to the European mainland and from there eventually to the rest of the world.

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The latest issue of the journal Arbejderhistorie (Labour history) is about class. Several articles deal with class as a theoretical and analytical concept.  Others are examples of the use of class in describing and explaining historical and present social phenomena.  A complete list of contributions can be found here. I have written the article “Den … Read more